Jun 20, 2015

Saturday Previews Vol.3

Well *flips up top page of clipboard* looks like we're in for a positively thrilling round of trailers this week. *Takes a shot of fireball.* Okay let's get this going.

The Runner, Nicolas Cage's newest film where he plays a Congressman that actually wants to help people. Uh-huh. Ghost Rider was more realistic. Moving on: Does anybody remember that viral video where the guy puts a go-pro on his dog to see what he did all day while he was at work and it was super depressing because the dog just cried thinking he was abandoned? The Secret Life of Pets is going to be the opposite of that. We got Time out of Mind where Richard Gere is a homeless guy. I really want this to be a sequel to Pretty Woman. You know what? Screw it. As far as I'm concerned it is a sequel to Pretty Woman. Charlize Theron goes to Dark Places. Looks promising but the title is a bit on the nose. Keeping with that theme of "on the nose" titles is Kate Mara's Captive. Which--well. Yeah. Hotel Transylvania 2 and Kung Fu Panda 3 will serve as films to pad out kids movie marathons on ABC Family or whatever TV channel gets the syndication rights. Ted 2 features more of the same shtick. And finally we have Dragon Blade. A martial arts movie featuring Jackie Chan with Adrian Brody  some guy that looks like but can't possibly be Adrian Brody as the villain. Wait that can't... STOP. I was right the first time? Okay so Jackie Chan goes up against Adrian Brody and somehow John Cusack is involved. Huh. Someone get me a six pack of Bud Light and my best friends STAT.

Check the trailers after the jump. As well as my top three picks of the week (of films I did not mention above) based on no guidelines other than I wanted to throw my two cents in.

This is it. This is Robin Williams' last onscreen dramatic performance. (He's got another movie, Absolutely Anything starring Simon Pegg, where he plays a talking dog named Dennis coming out next year.) But for all intents and purposes this will be his final film. Frankly, it hurts I just wrote that sentence. As for the film itself I am praying it's good. I refuse to belittle the man's great legacy but he has put out some pretty bad stinkers in the past. Cheers, Robin. I hope you go out on a high note.

Emily Blunt being a badass? Okay you already sold me. This will not be a film to everyone's liking I think. Prisoners was an actor's film. It had a good script and it was a film that let the actors do the heavy lifting. It was a good movie. That said, it was phenomenally dark and disturbing. Such a film is not inherently bad. In fact I like those films that look at the darkness of humanity and doesn't blink. Sicario looks to be in the same tone.

The Peanuts Movie
My God. They nailed it. I had nothing but a grin on my face about ten seconds in and it didn't stop until it was over. I want this movie in my life right this second.

As you might've noticed I played with the format for the column this week. I expect it's going to evolve slowly as I get the kinks out. Want to leave me feedback or get in touch about watching Dragon Blade while we get hopelessly drunk? Get in touch with me on twitter @MisterFroggie.

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