Jun 2, 2015

Old Blog, New Start

Dear Internet Peoples,

Hey it's been a while. I'm hoping you didn't forget about me completely forgot about me. I'm pretty sure you did because my email ain't exactly overflowing with messages clamoring for my return.

Well whether we wanted it or not I'm back to dust the cobwebs off this old blog of mine with anustart (TOPICAL.) I've taken a step back and worked out exactly what you're going to find on this site. I think. Maybe. We'll see.

*cries into napkin out of crushing indecision*

I'll make this brief. This is an entertainment blog that's going to cover a lot of different mediums. Before I tried to focus on movies but occasionally rambled on about whatever was on my mind. So from the outset I've decided to make this place a bit of both. Here's some reoccurring columns and other stuff you're going to find on this site.

Old News/ New Thoughts: Op/Ed pieces on whatever the hell I want to talk about. Whether it be a video game that came out a few years ago or a viral YouTube video that's been up for an hour.

Friday Night vs Monday Morning: Every movie review I write for new releases is going to be a bit different. At the moment I don't have access to pre-screenings. Basically I'll write one up right after I see the film. Then I'll write another one on Monday after I've had a day or two to let my thoughts simmer for a bit. I think it'll be interesting and entertaining to see the differences. The format may fluctuate for this one depending on how things go.

Netflix Roulette: Every get stuck browsing Netflix longer than actually picking and watching a movie? Everybody on this Earth has that problem. So I'm going to let this wonderful site pick a movie for me and no matter what it gives me I'm going to watch it and you're going to share in my misery excitement. I have the following guidelines for this, Rule Numero Uno- It has to be a movie that is not well known or something I've never heard of. Rule Numero Secondo- I get one pass to spin the wheel again if I don't like what I see. Occasionally I'll have a special guest to suffer with me. 

Trailer Round-Up: Trailers for movies come out every day. Big trailers, small trailers, medium size trailers with just enough of a low ceiling to annoy tall people like me but not enough to justify ducking. Using the magic of YouTube I will bring these trailers to your door and share my thoughts if these movies are worth looking into.

Rewrites: Now this one I'm excited about. You ever see a movie, read a book, or play a game and think, "I could make that better," then you talk to your friends about it and while their eyes glaze over and after sounds stop coming form your mouth they suggest which pizza place to go to? Happens to me all the time. So occasionally I'm going to revisit a narrative and share how I think a particular story could be improved upon or done completely differently. Star Wars for example *dodges tomatoes.*

There's that and I got some other stuff spoiling in the fridge simmering in the pot that I'm saving for later.

Well I'm happy this talk has gone so well and look forward to discussing stuff with you-- wait you're already sleeping aren't you? Dammit, Dante.

Want to drop me a line? Hit me up on the twitter @MisterFroggie.

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