Jun 6, 2015

Saturday Previews Vol. 1

Welcome to Saturday Previews where I take most of the trailers that dropped during the week and present them for your viewing pleasure. Read my thoughts on them if you're into that sort of thing. Or just watch the trailers.

The Perfect Guy

I wondered for about five seconds where this movie was going until the redneck came up to Sanaa Lathan's car. I actually went, "Ah. Alright. One of those." Then I watched the rest of the movie because it's one of those trailers. I'm sure it'll be... fine. I like Michael Ealy and it's cool to see him branch out into full sociopath like this. But again, I just watched the entire movie for free in two minutes.

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The Walk

Well it's another trailer where the whole movie is in it. I know that seems to be the trend for modern trailers but it doesn't make it any less... disappointing. It's a biographical film so JGL has put on his super serious Acting hat on with makeup, new haircut, and an accent that ain't too bad. This movie catches my interest just to see it on the big screen for the spectacle. But different from most spectacle movies it's not shit blowing up but just REALLY high off the ground with impressive camera shots.

Bound to Vengeance 

Director: We're going to tell a tale where a victimized girl empowers herself and unleashes hell upon this monster of a man who has kidnapped her and several other women.

Craft Services Guy: But he didn't keep them all in the same place? And wouldn't the smart thing would be to call the police as soon as she's free? Doesn't the fact she doesn't just do that make her an idiot rather than empower her?

Director:... You're fired.

99 Homes

If you havin' bank problems I feel bad for you son. I got 99 homes but Spidey's ain't one. Interesting premise and I think it'll all be worth it if Andrew Garfield's character doesn't "find a way out" of the morally corrupt situation he's in and just embraces being a bag of feces for a living. God bless America.


That's a really good cast. It's going to be fun watching the movie and trying to guess the order they all die in.


Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Well it does look good. We all know everyone is going to see it and probably enjoy it as a good ol' popcorn flick. But there's two things going against it. One: No Paula Patton. I feel that's all that needs to be said about that one. Second: The IMF have been blacklisted and the team is on the run. Again. C'mon, people. That plot is getting a smidge old don't you think?

Bridge of Spies

Shut up you'll watch it. Or at least you say you will but then you probably won't. Then it'll get a ton of awards or at least nominated for a bunch. Then you'll watch it on Redbox or Netflix. Spielberg and Hanks teamed up is like going to that classy restaurant in town with the cloth napkins. You know the meal will be good but you expect it to be good.


Me: Hey you see they just added this movie Extinction to Netflix? Got Jack from Lost and Michael from Burn Notice in it. Wanna watch it? It's got ice zombies.

My Buddy: Eh.

Me: I'll bring the beer.

My Buddy: Okay.

Z For Zachariah

This movie will live and die by the performances of the cast. It's got Margot Robbie, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Chris Pine. Very good cast of young actors. We'll have to see if the writing is good. Personally I'm rooting for Ejiofor to get Robbie because if I was living alone with Margot Robbie in paradise and friggin' Captain Kirk showed up to move in I would probably cry.

The Good Dinosaur

No, Pixar. No. You're not going to trick me. The end of the movie is going to be the real asteroid hitting the planet and wiping everything out and I'm going to cry harder than when I did while watching Up and dammit I'm crying just thinking about it watch it with rock solid stoicism like a man.

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