Mar 28, 2016

Why Can't We Be Friends? Batman v Superman Review

Oh boy we're in for a rough one here. The divisive Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie finally came out and people are not happy with it. But all of these reviews both good and bad are all influenced by the pop culture discussion around the movie and not the movie itself. So what I'm going (or attempt) to do is explore the actual film in a vacuum. I feel it's the only way to give the movie a fair shake.

The plot: It's been over a year and half since Superman's (Henry Cavill) apocalyptic fight with Zod in Man of Steel. Metropolis for the most part is rebuilt and the world is coming to terms with a God routinely zipping around the world and rescuing people. Not everybody is cozy having Superman around, seeing the death and destruction caused by him when he appeared and having no discernible defense against him have a great number of the population against him. Among them is an older Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) who lost friends and co-workers during the battle. He's gearing up to take Superman down permanently before he decides to take over the world. Meanwhile Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) is scheming to take down Superman too and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) has her own mysterious agenda.