Jul 4, 2015

Saturday Previews Vol 5.

It's July 4th so you know what that means? It means I'm wearing a Captain America T-Shirt, drinking a couple of cold ones and watching the excellent documentary Independence Day. But before I get to my celebratin' let's watch some trailers. Pretty dead this week but we got two winners (in my book at least.)

I like everything that this trailer gave us. It's got a real solid rhythm to it with the great music and pacing but most of all I really enjoy that this film is first and foremost about Creed, not his mentor Rocky Balboa. I also love that they don't even have to say his name once because we all know who he is, there is no need to put it in our faces. It's a good sign out of the gate that even the marketing department knows what the focus should be on. That combined with Michael B. Jordan is an amazing actor and I cannot wait to see this.
Secret in Their Eyes
It's 2015 and suddenly I care about a movie that Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts are starring in again. This is an American adaptation of an Argentinian novel (which was already made into a movie in 2009.) The tone for this reminds me of those mid-90's crime thrillers we don't really get anymore. It is rated PG-13 though which sets off an alarm bell it won't have as much of an edge to it as those old movies are. Then again you can get away with more in a PG-13 movie these days than you could back then. Small example: a PG-13 movie is allowed one F-Bomb these days. Back in the 90's that was a no-no. We shall see.

What's left on this bright and sunny day? Michael Fassbender shows the world just what a royal jackass Steve Jobs was. The guy might've been a great businessman but he certainly wasn't a good guy. Frank from the old Jason Statham Transporter movies wasn't a nice guy either and he's up to his fourth movie. There wasn't much of a point to that franchise anyway aside from watching Statham kick ass and with him gone... why are we still going with this? Then we got The Diary of a Teenage Girl which is not up my alley in the slightest but the random animated sequences at least make it pop a bit. Then we have a very special trailer for the film Jenny's Wedding. I say it's special because now that you've watched the trailer you've seen the movie and don't have to go see it now.

Oh and just because.
Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No
God Bless America.

Goodnight, folks. Go forth and blow stuff up on this momentous holiday but do so safely.

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